Shane McSaveney's 1964 Oxford Traveller VI

Hi , I'm Shane. My wife Catherine and I have been the proud owners of our Oxford since 1997, and along with our two boys have enjoyed many club activities in that time.

The Traveller spent its first 33 years in the township of Ashburton in South Canterbury, where it was passed down the original owners family, until 1996 when my parents while looking for a series three Oxford, found the Traveller advertised in the classifieds. So the short trip to Asburton was made to have a look and they returned with the Oxford. When Dad retired the Oxford was once again for sale and again was passed down the family line.

The Oxford was in original condition when we got her and I used it as every day transport and enjoyed it with the family for club events once a month, until the day the warrant of fitness man said that the minor rust in the tailgate needed to be dealt with.

After finding a sales brochure with a Traveller in Dove Gray (as ours was) with a burgundy from the waste down we decided that adding the burgundy really showed off her lines.

After another year of everyday use the Oxford is now used only for club events . Travelled 86,000 miles and showing blue smoke on deceleration,we decided once again to invest some more money and had the motor fully reconditioned with new clutch etc and we now look forward to many years of (cross fingers) trouble free Morris motoring.