These links are to sites that promote the 'Morris' in its many forms.

Many of our members favour various incarnations of the models produced by Morris, BMC, BLMC and Austin-Rover. These are the conglomerates who produced vehicles under the 'Morris' brand name. All the sites listed have useful information for the enthusiast.

Clubs and Enthusiasts -

A Morris Oxford site from the UK - Morris Oxford series V & VI

Morris Marinas. A dedicated forum based in the UK - Fast Marina Magazine

This is a site devoted to all Morris vehicles in New Zealand - Morris Register NZ

Austin Rover. Stupendous amount of accurate information here - Austin Rover online

New Zealand Morris Enthusiasts - I guess that applies to us too - Morris Enthusiasts Car Club NZ

Parts Suppliers -

Basis. Our own Kiwi guys who are increasing their stocks of useful bits every week - Basis

Rimmer Bros in the UK have comprehensive spares for Triumph, MGB, Rover and more - Rimmer Bros

Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre has a huge array of Minor spares and cars for sale - Charles Ware

East Kent Trim Supplies still support BMC lines with original design mouldings and seals too - East Kent Trim

Moss in the UK are one of the largest suppliers of parts for Morris, MGB, Austin Healey, Jaguar and others - Moss Europe

Morris style..